San Antonio

San Antonio

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loving Austin

After spending more than 4 months in the same great ward in Buda, just south of Austin, Madison has been transferred to a Spanish ward, the Riverside ward, in Austin where he is currently serving as district leader. Here a few excerpts from recent letters.
"My new companion is Elder Ryan Lindsay, the missionary out of Meridian, Idaho!!! He, as is custom at least for me, is a jock of a sort. He plays college lacrosse for Boise State and played both lacrosse and football for Mountain View High School graduating in 2008, a year before me. "
"My area! I'm still in Austin, but I am now just a little further north than where I was in Buda, currently in the mighty Riverside Ward. Why is it so mighty? Why because it's one of four areas in the mission of PURE SPANISH BABY!!! Yep, pure Spanish, nothin but. If we come across an English person, we can teach them once, but after that, we turn them over to other missionaries who cover the English ward. So awesome!!! This is going to be such a great opportunity for me to improve in my speaking and understanding skills, I've already had a blast in just these past few days going out and speaking nothing but Spanish."
"Here in the Riverside Ward, there are three companionships that make up our district. There are two Elder companionships, and 1 Sister companionship. Who is in that sister companionship? Yep, Sister Emily Larsen!!! So...I am now Sister Larsen's district leader! hahaha it's so funny, and kinda weird at the same time. We eat dinner together just about every night, I make district calls every night to make sure they're home and to see how their day went, and we will be having district meeting every Wednesday, so I'll be seeing plenty of her over these next few weeks.
This is for Curtis and Denise Clifford! There is a missionary in my district here that knows you very well. His name is Elder Tyler Sherwood and he says he grew up knowing Regan and Cameron and the rest of you Clifford bunch. He says 'Hi' and I will let you know as well that he is a very hard working missionary. Crazy!"

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