San Antonio

San Antonio

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alfonso's Big Day

Alfonso got baptized!!!! woooooo!!!

Alfonso Maldenado Jr. got baptized yesterday by my companion, Elder Berntson, after a really crazy journey. It seems like there are always some kinds of hurdles to jump before getting baptized. On Saturday night, we had a great baptismal interview and everything was looking solid. He then told us that he had to be moved out of his apartment complex by the next day because of some financial reasons, so Alfonso didn't think he was going to be able to get baptized the next day. But we put our foot down, called up about 4 other missionaries to come help us pack everything up and got Alfonso out and moved in a matter of a few hours... and he was baptized the next day! Right after his baptism, our bishop, Bishop Christensen, took him in and interviewed him to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. So next week, Alfonso will receive the Holy Ghost and then hopefully not too much longer after that, he'll get the priesthood!!!

Alfonso is such a stud. He is someone that we talked to on the street, and 4 weeks later... he's baptized! He has a few kids, one of which lives with him, but she was never home when we taught Alfonso, and she was not able to attend the baptism on Sunday either. But Alfonso is so determined to set an example for his kids, and he knows that someday they will be baptized as well.

Well, things are going great over here in San Antonio, the St. Cloud Ward is sweet, the food is amazing, and speaking Spanish is a blast. The heat has been brutal. But apparently it is not nearly as brutal as it was last year. We have had a solid amount of days over 100 degrees, but I guess last year they had something like 60 days in a row with temperatures over 100! I guess I am what you would say 'getting used to it', but boy, the humidity is just killer, and I'm sweating a ton.

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